Recollections of Jim Snyder

Jim Snyder’s passing jogged my memory of what a wonderful person he was.

Jim was one of the original Italian Heritage Bocce League members from back in 2002.

Not an Italian, obviously, Jim was a friend and neighbor to Phil DeFabis and had played in the Defabis back yard previously to our building the courts in Lacy Park.

When we put together the first League, twelve teams were organized, with eight teams consisting of the DeFabis family. Jim Snyder and Bob Clay were two others helping us to get organized.

Jim normally played on Tuesday’s. Usually coming out early, before starting time, to practice and help me groom the courts. I think he loved talking about bocce almost as much as “playing” bocce. Jim made himself available on many a night, if I needed a sub, all I had to do was ask.

We have all missed him from the past couple years, when he was not physically able to play. His presence at the courts and friendship that evolved is one of the wonderful benefits of the Bocce League. Our heritage is not limited to being Italian. The associations we make through our Italian customs, such as bocce play, are ways for us to make and cherish the memories of friends such as Jim Snyder.   

May he rest in peace,

Joe Giacoletti